The Bad Egg

Why Rabbits?

I’ll add more to this page at a later date, but mainly, I’ve chosen rabbits for my next experiment because:

1) We can’t do chickens in our present backyard as we are renting and chickens are noisy enough to possibly bother our landlord

2) Rabbits are a perfect animal in terms of size, space requirements, care, and feed for an urban-sized backyard

3) Responsibly raised meat is enormously expensive to purchase

4) Learning how to raise animals from birth to death and beyond has always interested me. I want to learn how to breed, care for, and humanely process meat for my consumption. I’m interested in having rabbit meat replace all other meat my household consumes so that I can afford responsibly-raised meat and not in any way participate in factory farming or CAFOs.

Interesting fact: Rabbit manure can go directly into the garden, no composting needed!


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