The Bad Egg

The New Backyard
June 16, 2009, 7:00 am
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Here are some examples of why we won’t let the new place intimidate us into staying inside


(Jasmine blooms after a morning rain)


(A mini-meadow of yellow flowers)

Pyschological Warfare
June 13, 2009, 7:00 am
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I don’t know how the backyard managed to do it, but they attacked again last night while I was sleeping.

The Ivy

I dreamed the ivy had punched a hole in the roof above our bed, spread a web-like series of vines across the ceiling, then allowed the entrance for a couple of extremely large spiders that seemed about to drop on top of us.

Then, while I stared in horror at our bedroom ceiling, I realized The S.O. was sleeping on a bunch of insects–they’d breached the floor and made a new home under his pillow.

The Pillow

I yelled out a warning. I then grabbed his pillow and yanked it out from under his head to fight off the insects.

I shouted that the house was attacking us and yelled for him to get the fly swatter, or a broom, or a big fire torch to force back the spiders and ivy. I jumped onto my knees and began whacking the insects on the mattress with his pillow …

Oh, Darn It

The S.O. took the pillow out of my hands, spoke my name, then said “slow down, you’re dreaming.”

His words were a signal we’d developed over the last seven years. Even though I absolutely did not believe I was dreaming, I made myself go still, held my breath and then stared at the insects on the bed.

They finally disappeared (like when you get transported away in a Star Trek episode). I’d forced myself awake. That doesn’t mean I suddenly opened my eyes–my eyes were open the entire time.

This was all a dream–a night terror. Yes, I was asleep the entire time even though my eyes were open. Yes, I really did yell out in my sleep …

… And yes, I really did snatch the pillow from underneath The S.O.’s head and whack him with it 😉

Not the First Time

Let’s just say this isn’t the first time that something like this has happened, though this one is the first night terror at the new house. It wasn’t fun to go through, but I start laughing now every time I picture the scene from The S.O.’s perspective (this woman yelling about bugs and ineffectually throwing a pillow around the room)–thankfully he also thinks it was pretty funny.

Night terrors and sleepwalking run in my family on my mother’s side. Supposedly, you are not supposed to remember the night terrors, but I always and vividly do. Supposedly, you’re not supposed to wake up a person who is in the middle of a night terror, but The S.O. always does, and I’m always glad when he brings me out of it. I think he’s glad too–since that means I’ll stop whacking him with a pillow 🙂

We’ve gone through this enough times that even though while in the middle of the dream I believe it’s real, him saying it’s a dream is enough to make me doubt, which is enough to sort of reset and wake me up. That’s my guess. It might not be the right explanation, but regardless, he always manages to make the big bad insects go away so I don’t really care about why it works, just that it does.

But still, I haven’t had a night terror in months. I’m putting the blame entirely onto this new backyard.

It’s trying to exploit my weakness and intimidate me, but I will not let it succeed!

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(Wow, I kind of setup myself to having a night terror, didn’t I?)

The Chicken Fence
June 10, 2009, 7:00 am
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Even though the chickens and The Dog are best buddies, we decided to separate them in the new backyard. Sometimes, animals can become too close to each other and it turns into an unhealthy relationship.

In our situation, we felt it was time to separate the The Dog from the chickens when he decided chicken poop was a delicious snack.

I was hoping for a full-fledged Garden of Eden, instead of the lion laying down with the lamb it would be a dog and chickens, but neither The S.O. and I can handle chicken-poop breath from the dog.

I’m a bit sad about their separation. I think The Dog is too:


Our New Favorite Spot
June 6, 2009, 7:00 am
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One reason not to give into to the backyard’s intimidation tactics:


We can watch the chickens, the dog and all the other wildlife in the backyard (squirrels, birds –robins, pigeons, woodpeckers, hummingbirds) from this spot.

There are three different plants growing over the trellis: a jasmine vine, a grape vine, and an apple tree that’s been trained to act more like a vine than a tree.

Wanda’s Double Yoke Eggs
June 3, 2009, 9:40 am
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Wanda laid a double-yoke egg and we have pictures.

This happened in February 2009, but we were in the middle of packing up and moving, so I didn’t get a chance to put this post together until now …

We figured it was a double-yolk egg as soon as I pulled it from the nest –this egg is humongous. You can even see the seam in the shell where the two eggs fused together.

The S.O. wanted to keep the two yolks intact, so we decided to boil the egg. The shell cracked when we boiled it, but otherwise stayed intact:
Wanda's Double-yoke egg

Wanda’s eggshells are usually the lightest in color, though still brown. Flo lays speckled brown eggs and Frida lays solid brown eggs. This particular egg from Wanda was extra light, almost white. Also, we knew that since the shell cracked while boiling, it was thin to begin with.

But hey, her egg laying apparatus was just getting started. I guess it needed to work out the kinks.

Warming Up

It’s usually the young chickens who lay double yolk eggs, which was the case with Wanda. When we got our first double-yoke egg from her she had been laying for less than a month.

You are also more likely to have chickens lay double yolk eggs when they are about to stop laying eggs (ie, getting too old for it). I guess it’s a warming up and cooling down thing.

Not sure if breed makes a difference, but neither Frida nor Flo have laid any weird eggs (they are both Rhode Island Reds), just Wanda (she’s a New Hampshire Red).

The Big Reveal

The S.O. peeled the egg and it looked like this:

A perfectly preserved double-yoke egg.

I’m sure this egg was perfectly safe, but I did not partake. Of course, none of that ‘needed to work out the kinks’ stopped my S.O. from eating the entire thing.

He said I missed out on a super-delicious egg.

Still Warming Up

Wanda laid two more double-yoke eggs before her system finally figured out how to consistenly lay a single-yolk egg with a strong shell.

I did taste one of those later double-yolks. I didn’t notice any real difference between them and the normal single-yolk eggs, except that, of course, it was a lot more egg to eat!