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Homemade Chicken Light
September 24, 2008, 7:00 am
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The Husband and I had been talking about raising chickens since the beginning of the summer. We thought we’d wait until at least the California State Fair before we got the chicks, but when I called a local feed supply store back during the first week of August, they said they had week-old chicks in the store. I went and picked them up the same day.

Of course, we weren’t prepared. I took the chicks home in an empty cat litter box. When I got them home I set up a bigger cardboard box, put down pine shavings and set out food and water. Since baby chicks are so sensitive, I decided to keep them inside (on the kitchen table) as I hadn’t set up any heat lamp or protection in the garage or backyard.

This is where we kept them:

See that thing hanging down from the ceiling? I’d called my dad asking for help and he found this lamp in his garage and brought it over within an hour. This makeshift heat lamp was meant to keep the chicks at a toasty 90 degrees. It’s a regular hanging lamp with a 60 watt bulb.

As I set up the lamp I realized the chain wouldn’t allow the lamp to hang close enough to the box to actually cast warmth on the chicks.

In order to solve this problem The Husband got creative:

(click to enlarge)

The Husband decided to re-purpose one of his old bike chains into a lamp extension.  He was able to get the lamp setup to exactly the right height by twisting links in the chain. I was way impressed at his awesomeness.

So the bike chain hung the lamp from the ceiling and the regular lamp chain that you see is what I plugged into the outlet.

It worked well while it lasted. The chicks became too big for the kitchen three weeks later and out to the backyard they went (coop pictures to come soon).


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